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step-guide-Internship placement

Internship placement

We will make sure that your internship meets your personal preferences and the requirements from your university. Once your internship has started, we will be available for guidance and support throughout the internship. In this way you can enjoy a hassle-free internship period!



We will find the best accommodation for you based on your internship location and your personal preferences. All our accommodations have western facilities. In each accommodation you will share a swimming pool and a kitchen with your fellow students.

step-guide-Airport Pick-up

Airport Pick-up

After a long flight our team will be ready at the airport to pick you up and bring you to your accommodation. At the accommodation we will help you out with installing a local simcard and we will explain a few important things that can help you during your first days!

step-guide-Welcome package

Welcome package

Upon arrival you will receive our Welcome Package. In this package you will find important information about your internship destination, some fun goodies and a local simcard. The Starter Pack helps to get you started at your internship destination and to make the first days go smoothly.

step-guide-Trips & activities

Trips & activities

Every month we will organize trips, activities and gatherings. You can think of climbing vulcanoes, go rafting together or visiting the Komodo Islands. With organizing trips & activities, we aim to create student communities where students can get to know each other and create memories for a lifetime!

step-guide-24/7 services

24/7 services

During your internship in Indonesia we will be 24/7 available for you. Our team is 24/7 present in each internship destination throughout the year. In case of any questions, problems or emergencies we will be there for you!

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