Did you know that Indonesia is a football-loving country? The level of performance might be slightly lower than in Europe but the atmosphere in the stadiums is really fascinating!

Unique internship at PSS Sleman!

One of the most popular clubs in Indonesia is looking for a trainee to promote the club. The promotion is focused on attracting awareness of the club towards tourists and foreign students.

The intention is to create a football fan trip for every home game. Tourists, backpackers, and foreign students will be given the opportunity to get to know the club and their amazing culture. The goal is to realize a 2-day VIP package for football fans.

Besides that, you will be working to promote the club at different levels. In addition, you are promoting and taking responsibility for the club general social media channels and you will be joining home and away games!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a student who; have a passion for football, is registered at a sport or business-related education and who is not afraid of a big and unique challenge. You will get a lot of freedom and will work from different locations. The city of Yogyakarta is Indonesia’s largest student city and offers a lot beside the football club. A working place will be provided for you and your supervisor will tell you the full story behind this beautiful club in the first week.

Did you know that the home games are not broadcasted on TV in Yogyakarta area itself but in other parts of Indonesia, they are?The club forces the people from Yogyakarta to come to the stadium to watch the home games!

Did you know that there is almost no police at home matches? The main supporter club and club officials themselves make sure everything goes well and peacefully.

Internship requirements!

1. You are looking for an internship place from September for at least 10 till 20 weeks.
2. You have an affinity with football and you are interested in the (supporter) culture around football clubs.
3. You are not afraid to go on a major challenge in an unknown but very lively city in the center of Indonesians Island Java.
4. You are following a business or sports related Bachelor education.
5. You love sport (football), manage the English language and are willing to learn a bit of the Indonesian language/culture.
6. You can handle online marketing, are stress-proof and flexible.

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